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Hello Guys !

Am writing to you here to seek assistance with my wedding finances.

Soon i am getting married and would seek your assistance to pay off the "Dream Wedding Experience".

She has already converted to Islam, and the Nikah would be on January 2023. While the Ceremony would be on July 2023.

As you are aware, this is an unconventional style to request for help but if anyone would that would be great. Things are getting expensive and plans keeps changing due to covid and so much more.

We're at our limits on financing, and would appreciate the burden be lifted even with a very small amount.

Again this may seem like a pity story, but please do not think so.

Thank you for your understanding.

Contact me for more information : +60165837822 (Mobile) (Whatsapp)

Email : gosheric@outlook.com

Best regards

Irfariq @ Eric