Empowering B40 Kids: Transforming Rural Malaysia through Sports and Education

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This proposal is for the sole purpose of fundraising and requesting of assistance to fulfil our project obligations towards the youths in the B40 communities.


EMZEE FOOTBALL CLUB would like to introduce our proposed project which we have titled “Empower B40 Kids: Transforming Rural Malaysia through Sports and Education”.  We believe in the power of dreams, the potential of every child, and the hope for a brighter future. However, there are countless B40 (Bottom 40%) kids in rural areas of Malaysia who face a bleak reality, often marred by poverty, illiteracy, crime, and drug abuse. It's time to rewrite their story. With the arrays of talent in Malaysia, we are supposed to be ranked top in southeast Asia and a contender in Asia in general. But because most of our young talented footballers are yet to be discovered either due to the location, status, and exposure.


This project is proposed to kick of beginning from February 2024, and will last for a period of five (5) years. 


This project is for B40 kids (boys and girls) living in rural communities across Johor. We hope to achieve a goal of 100 kids from ages 11- 17 years.


High Crime Rates: Many B40 kids in rural areas lack opportunities and are more susceptible to involvement in criminal activities.

Drug Abuse: Limited access to education and resources makes them vulnerable to substance abuse.

Illiteracy: Without proper education, their dreams remain unfulfilled, and the cycle of poverty continues.

Lack of exposure and opportunities to those kids who are highly talented in football:  Due to the location of these kids, most of them only dream of becoming footballers, but the opportunity is far from reaching them, because most clubs and scouts find it hard to reach these kids and little or no development due to lack of quality training by professional coaches.


Our 5-year project aims to change the narrative. We envision a future where these kids have the chance to break free from the shackles of poverty and create a better life for themselves. Our strategy involves:

Sports for Empowerment:  We use sports, specifically football, to engage and inspire these kids. Through teamwork, discipline, and the joy of the game, they learn valuable life skills. Our project is aimed at going to all or most of the rural areas starting with Johor to scout for these kids, give them accommodation and give them adequate football training at our proposed training location with the hope of giving them the necessary training and guidance towards being a good player.

Education for Transformation:  Quality education is the cornerstone of change. We provide access to education, focusing on basic literacy, numeracy, and essential life skills to prepare them for a brighter future. Part of what we aim to do is provide most of these kids that we will scout from the rural areas, provide them with basic education by sending them to school and provide them with English tutors, so that while they train, they will also have access to schooling.

Mentorship and Guidance:  Our program includes mentorship, ensuring these kids have positive role models who guide them toward making better life choices. Inviting notable people to visit the kids and workshop for them will help them to learn more and make positive decisions.


Reduced Crime Rates: By engaging in positive activities, these kids are less likely to turn to crime.

Decreased Drug Abuse: Education and sports provide a healthy alternative to drugs.

Enhanced Literacy: Basic education equips them with the tools to break free from poverty.

Contribution to Malaysian football: Youth football development, is the key to setting Malaysia up there in among the best and contenders in world football. 


We need your support to make this transformation possible. Your contribution can make a real difference in the lives of these children. Here's how you can help:

Financial Support:  

Your donation will directly fund the project's implementation, including accommodation (hostel), school & educational resources, training ground, sports equipment, and mentorship programs, coaches, and accommodation supervisors.

Product and In-kind donations:

For our project to be successful will need food supplies and other products supplies such as books, clothes, soap, and detergents etc.


Help us spread the word about our project and encourage others to join this noble cause.


Investing in the future of B40 kids in rural Malaysia is not just an investment in their lives; it's an investment in the future of our nation. By providing them with education and sports opportunities, we're breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a safer, more promising future for all. Together, we can empower these kids to dream, aspire, and succeed. Join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can make a real difference in their lives.

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